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Remediating distances

Edited by Matteo Treleani and Francesco Zucconi

This issue of img journal aims to question the dialectic between ‘distance’ and ‘proximity’ in the configurations and reconfigurations made possible by new media from a long-term historical and theoretical perspective. As Carlo Ginzburg (2019) points out, within Western culture the term ‘distance’ takes on both a concrete and a metaphorical meaning and its social, ethical and political implications need, today more than ever, to be investigated.

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Issue 03

Oct 2020

Remediating distances

Edited by:
Matteo Treleani and Francesco Zucconi

Full English text
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9788899586119

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Matteo Treleani and Francesco Zucconi


On the distance and proximity of a visual object as a chiasmic notion

Luca Acquarelli

Spheres of action. The technological shifting of control

Emanuele Arielli

Separating bodies, synchronising minds. The role of digital technology in mediating distance

Bruno Bachimont

Photographing Everything and Seeing Nothing. Travel Selfies as Performance, Affirmation of Social-Collective Perception, Spatial Collapse

Kris Belden-Adams

Semiotics of distances in virtual and augmented environments.

Federico Biggio

Close-up-ness. Masks, Screens, and Cells

Francesco Casetti

The distances of presence. What does it mean to be online and offline with others?

Peppe Cavallari

So near, yet so far. Migration, the Mediterranean, and a murderous modernity

Iain Chambers

Takis Zenetos’s Conception of Remoteness. Tele-operations as Socio-technological Transformations

Marianna Charitonidou

Isolated together. Floor signage in the times of pandemic and partitioning of our common spaces

Pauline Chevalier

Reunited? On the Aesthetics and Rhetoric of Meeting the Dead through Virtual Reality

Pietro Conte

Remediating the distance from the divine. An archaeological essay. Doctored Photographs – Exhibition devices – Cinematographic Effect

Ferdinando Gizzi

Let’s reset the clock. Family Footage to Remediate Distance Created by Mourning

Elsa Gomis

Apology for technical distance. But beware the feedback!

Pietro Montani

Networked Screens.Topologies of Distance and Media Regime of Immunization

Olga Moskatova

Human Screens. Bodies, Media, and the Meaning of Violence

Nicola Perugini

How Far is the Future?

Karen Pinkus

Notes on the proxemics of the “non place-time”

Paola Puma

Defying Distance

Farah Saleh

Immediacy and its Hidden Infrastructure. When Amazon Extends its Delivery Delays During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Claire Salles

Code, desire and conjuring – on the magic fabric of contemporary computing technologies

Heiko Schmid

Reshaping Teacher-Student Interaction in the Virtual Classroom. A Case Study

Daniela Veronesi, Ilaria Chizzoni, Katia Raineri, Veronica Schmalz and Monika Taferner


Making Things Talk. Hoard, Collection, Archive

Gianluca Camillini, Chiara Sestini and Roberto Gigliotti

Hermann Maertens’ Der Optische-Maassstab and the Photography of Architecture

Fabio Colonnese and Marco Carpiceci

Digital technologies, motion recognition and analysis of basic movements for improving the teaching of ballet dance. The digital double of the PASSAY project

Federico Ferrari, Marco Medici and Andrea Zambonini

Visual narratives in videogames. How videogames tell stories through graphical elements

Alessandro Soriani and Stefano Caselli