01 – Manifesto

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Issue 01

Oct 2019

Full English text
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9788899586096
ISSN: 20149-4293

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Edited by Alessandro Luigini and Chiara Panciroli

We decided to use the first issue of the journal to explain the interdisciplinary and collective nature of IMGjournal: in fact, we asked the members of the scientific committee and the associated editors to voluntarily submit a text, synthetic or extended at their discretion, that would present a disciplinary or personal point of view on issues related to the focus of the journal, proposing experiences in both basic and applied research.

Scholars of visual and graphic science, visual communication, education, psychology – with incursions into art history, semiotics or aesthetics – present in this Issue 01 a multiplicity of points of view that all, however, focus on the core concern of the magazine: images, what they are, how they are conceived, how they are produced, how they are perceived. Ultimately, we believe that the heterogeneity of the first Issue is one of the aspects that qualifies the project positively, as a collective project. Issue 01 is thus configured as an actual Manifesto.

A collective Manifesto.



Alessandro Luigini, Chiara Panciroli

Imagining Images – Seven Problems

James Elkins

Borders. Child literature and its intersections.

Emy Beseghi

The Visual Bride: Representing Tangible Heritage between Digitality and Real Contents.

Stefano Brusaporci

Building territories and landscapes: the essential knowledge of a forgotten cultural heritage.

Pilar Chias Navarro

Graphic, Visual and Image Sciences

Enrico Cicalò

Making education visible: a visual pedagogy introduction.

Roberto Farnè

Visual communication and drawing. A laboratory experience for the Sciences of Primary Education degree course.

Francesca Fatta

On Phygital reproductions: new experiential approaches for Cultural Heritage.

Massimiliano Lo Turco

Graphic transcriptions: Le Corbusier and the Bologna enigma.

Francesco Maggio

Images and more images.

Valeria Menchetelli

From visual journalism to informative experiences: our research on socio design artefacts in the information field.

Matteo Moretti

Brain, imaging and imagination. How the brain represents the World.

Pietro Pietrini

Visual communication and drawing. A laboratory experience for the Sciences of Primary Education degree course.

Antonella Poce

The digital image as complex environmental interface: a scenario additional reading.

Paola Puma

Towards the use of images on the Web.

Fabio Quici

Unseen Images – Imagination in the Making of Sabine Hertig’s Collages.

Michael Renner

Seamless Image: notes for the virtual representation.

Daniele Rossi

Imagery and imagination in psychological science

Tomaso Vecchi

Visual Culture in Quantum Mechanics. Image-based knowledge making in a non-intuitive world

Daniele Villa

Strengthen the look:
expand actions, reflections and participation

Franca Zuccoli