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Inside Image: Technical Notes for Virtual Storytelling

Daniele Rossi, University of Camerino, School of Architecture and Design

Keywords: virtual reality, virtual storytelling, immersion, presence, embodiment.


The use of virtual reality (VR) to tell stories, and more specifically, the possibilities of constructing 3D spaces to be experienced through an Head Mounted Display (HMD) allows empathy levels that are difficult to reach through other mediums. These levels are concretized in some characteristic VR attributes so they can define different layers of immersion that can be fundamental in the narrative setting. Knowing how to distinguish these attributes by recognizing their peculiarities is the starting point for anyone who wants to experiment with VR design. Immersion, presence, embodiment, first-person shot, point of interest and continuity are some of the terms that need to be understood to approach new forms of VR storytelling.

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Rossi, D. (2019). Inside Image: Technical Notes for Virtual Storytelling. In A. Luigini, C. Panciroli (Eds.) img journal 01/2019 Manifesto, 298-311. ISBN 9788899586096

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Issue 01

Oct 2019


Edited by:
Alessandro Luigini
Chiara Panciroli

Full English text
Pages: 345
ISBN: 9788899586096

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