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Didactic iconology

Roberto Farné, University of Bologna, Department for Life Quality Studies

Keywords: iconology, iconography, teaching, learning, image.


Didactic iconology” is the study of images finalised to educating or, strictly speaking, to education. It is connected to the pedagogy of the media, to children’s literature, to psychology, to the history of illustration. On the historical level four points of reference define the profile of this field of study. In particular, the communicative force of the images finds outside of school the best terrain in which to express its didactic potential, through a multimedia network that accompanies the subject starting from childhood. In fact, the didactic iconography aims to study, on the one side, that world of images that activate a direct relationship with children in their free time and in play; on the other the visual repertoires whose didactic dimension is also characterised by the mediations with which they are managed.

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Issue 01

Oct 2019


Edited by:
Alessandro Luigini
Chiara Panciroli

Full English text
Pages: 345
ISBN: 9788899586096

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